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EzParts® Electronic Parts Catalog Software for Mobile Devices

At Systems Online we provide the most advanced Electronic Parts Catalog Solution. No other electronic parts catalog software provider can compete with the EzParts® electronic parts catalog on features, price, functionality, ease of use and return on investment. EzParts® Electronic Parts Catalog makes your parts data available to users on mobile devices and even lets the take a copy of your data set with them in offline packages.

EzParts® on mobile devices provides:
  • The same functionality available on desktop browser versions
  • Finger friendly sizing of standard controls
  • Special functions for maximizing productivity
Online Browsing

EzParts® for mobile devices offers the same functionality as the desktop browser version except the interface is tailored to your mobile device. When mobile devices are identified EzParts® electronic parts catalog automatically adjusts the user interface to provide finger friendly navigation and sizing controls. For a complete list of features in EzParts® Electronic Parts Catalog Software including features for mobile, please click here.

Offline Packages

Include resources in the offline package or sync them later on. EzParts® electronic parts catalog offline package lets users take a mobile catalog where there is no data connection. Authorized mobile users can download EzParts® electronic parts catalog offline package right to their mobile device. Offline packages are self contained parts catalog databases that reside in the mobile devices local storage. Offline packages are encrypted, and expire ensuring that the data will be updated regularly. Some of our manufacturers have replaced the printed catalogs with tablets in their mobile service trucks and rely on offline packages for access to up to date data while making repairs in in remote locations saving time and money.

electronic parts catalog offline package Build offline package.
Featuring: User data selection.