Custom eCommerce Solutions

Custom eCommerce Content Management Solutions will:
  • dramatically reduce your costs associated with parts look-up.
  • provide live business system integration.
  • significantly increase OEM parts sales
  • reduce parts ordering errors
  • shorten order fill time
  • increase consumer satisfaction
  • provide 24/7 parts catalog access
  • provide customers with part specific configuration options
  • eliminate redundancy.
  • streamline processes.
  • address your business' specific needs.

Live ERP Data

Systems Online's eCommerce Parts Portal Solutions are designed around connectivity. By leveraging the live data stored in their ERP and Business Systems instead of duplicating that data in an eCommerce solution or online store, our eCommerce solutions allow manufacturers to minimize maintenance tasks related to managing eCommerce. Customer access, pricing, parts information, build and line sheet data, spares, replacement parts are all managed in the business systems that the manufacturer uses today. By connecting to those systems and leveraging that data the eCommerce Parts Portal Solution extends the manufacturers reach without duplicated effort or data.

Benefits of adding eCommerce Parts Portal storefront to our existing business system include:
  • utilizing existing systems for internal user and customer authentication
  • allowing customers to view live order status and sales history
  • allowing customers to make online payments on account
  • allowing customers to place new orders and quotes directly into your business system using:
    • business system pricing logic
    • live business system parts availability
    • promise and expected delivery dates based on you incoming PO's and stock data
    • business system order verification logic
  • display extended item information directly from your business system
  • Access serial specific build and line sheets for ordering
  • Allow internal users to impersonate end customers and:
    • place orders from the eCommerce interface.
    • override pricing based on pre-determined rules from the eCommerce interface.
  • Define and require order header "exception" data by customer.
  • Define and require line item "exception" data by customer.
  • Define and require part number "exception" data for specific parts.
  • Define and require part number "exception" data for specific parts when purchased by specific customers.
  • require that the customer upload layouts, specifications and other documents as part of the ordering process.
  • Line item configuration for components and sub assemblies
  • provide 24/7 parts "line and build sheet" access for ease of ordering
  • provide access to your entire catalog of salable parts

Line Sheet and Material Builds

Not all equipment and machinery manufacturers retain their data in a format that utilizes common engineering prints and bills of materials. Specialty equipment manufacturers with custom production runs who specialize in product customization have turned to Systems Online for eCommerce parts solutions "Line Sheet" options utilize the physical build "line sheet" as the basis for determining the replacement parts and spares available for specific machines. The "line sheet" is utilized instead of serialized engineering prints and bills of materials due to the unique parts and components that comprise each piece of equipment and the low number of common parts with other units in the same product line or production build. Systems Online's eCommerce Parts Portal Solution is a highly customizable content management system and integrated eCommerce engine designed to specifically address the unique needs of these manufacturers.

Customer, Line & Part Exceptions

Unique business processes require a a different approach to eCommerce. Mass marketed online store solutions do not meet the needs of many manufacturers that require additional data at the time of sale.Systems Online's Parts Portal Solution provides the manufacturer with the ability to define a variety of customer, order line, and part number exceptions that eliminate the additional data collection steps required to process and online order from a less robust solution. Contractual obligations with customers my require that customer part numbers be included on each line of an order or authorization codes are required only for specific part numbers. For specific customers supplemental order data may include authorization and department information, one order may comprise multiple customer purchase order numbers. The business processes and contractual obligations that you and your customers have agreed to need to be reflected in your online store offering or those customers will not be able to place orders without costly call backs from your order processing department. With the Part Portal Solution defining order exceptions that must be met for specific customers either on the order header or order line eliminate these purchasing road blocks for your customers.

Line Item Configuration

Parts, sub assemblies and components often have options that need to be defined at the time of sale. Mass marked store fronts are not designed to handle the complexity of configurable items. Configuration options may be as simple as selecting a few component options or complex configuration that allows the definition of sub components and their associated options. Providing the ability to configure complex parts at the time of ordering prevents costly interruptions in the order placement process, end user frustration and costly call backs by customer service staff.

Content Management System

The Parts Portal solution is built around a content management system that allows your staff to create, manage and publish content. Our corporate web site is built using the same content management system as our eCommerce Parts Portal solution. You have full control over the presentation, menus, graphics, files, pages and content from the administration interface. All of our packages are bundled with training and product support, so if you have questions or need assistance managing you content, we are available to guide, assist and even complete changes for you.


Extend your brand with custom graphics and style sheets to present the exact image you have defined for your brand. The user interface is customizable with your icons, images color schemes and branding using templates. This ensures that your online store is easily identifiable as the authorized source for your OEM parts and service data.

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