Support both apps and online parts catalog browsing for mobile devices.

the future of mobile catalogs

Access catalog data from any mobile device.

Every year mobile devices capture a larger segment of the market share. Increasingly dealers, technicians and end consumers are turning to their mobile devices to perform parts and service look-ups. With EzParts electronic parts catalog native mobile apps, for iOS and Android, your parts and service data is available on almost every smart phones or tablet. After installing the parts catalog app on Android or iOS, users can access data online when connected via WIFI or cellular data, or offline without data services with the parts catalog data stored on their mobile device.

Mobile electronic parts catalog apps.

Browse the electronic parts catalog on Android or iOS devices with native mobile parts catalog apps. This includes tablets and mobile phones. Download model specific parts catalog data for browsing later even when there is no data connection available. Update and synchronize data, fetching only what has changed.

native mobile parts catalog application displayed on cell phone

Browse parts catalogs from mobile devices.

Enterprise and SaaS versions of the EzParts electronic parts catalog software supports both desktop and mobile browsing. Users are automatically presented with the appropriate browsing interface based on their device. There are three different presentations available to the user. Desktop, tablet and small mobile. Each presentation is designed to maximize functionality and ease of use and do not require the installation of the parts catalog app. With EzParts, your parts and service catalog is available for all common browsers and devices.