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EzParts SaaS is built specifically with a powerful parts eCommerce core. EzParts offers the industries most dynamic business rules module. Making it easier to sell more parts online with EzParts electronic parts catalog using the interactive spare parts catalog's built in eCcommerce core.

eCommerce features

Multiple pricing columnsMultiple pricing columns
Unlimited dynamic price columns can be displayed or hidden within the parts catalog based on region, security setting and user preferences.
Add PartsAdd Parts
Add parts directly from schematics bills of material, parts catalog search results or item detail screens within the parts catalog or key part numbers on the order.
External cartsExternal carts
Integrate the online parts catalog with external business systems or BizTalk and process externally generated shopping carts.
Smart processingSmart processing
business rules can be defined to dynamically process line items and apply business logic tied to part numbers, user identity and supplemental and even external data stores and business systems.
Speed item addSpeed item add
Speed item add allows users to quickly add part numbers they know to the parts catalog's shopping cart by typing the part number and quantity.
Auto completionAuto completion
Predictive text is supplied automatically when a user starts typing part numbers. The parts catalog filters possibilities based on the partial number entered.
Order typesOrder types
Multiple order types allow for different business rules sets to be applied to orders placed from the online parts catalog.
Regional supersessionsRegional supersessions
Parts can be replaced automatically with global or regional super-sessions based on the users location.
Warning and informational messagesWarning and informational messages
Interactive messages can be attached to parts requiring the user to provide additional data or action at the time of adding an item to cart or checkout
Parts availabilityParts availability
Integration with external systems allows both manufacturer and dealer stock to be displayed on item detail screens and in the online parts catalog's shopping cart.
Optional assignmentOptional assignment
Optionally allow the user to select the order fulfillment center by order line directly on the parts catalog's order line detail.
Automatically identify valid carriers and required carrier types for completing a parts catalog order based on the types of parts that are in the shopping cart.
Upload and downloadUpload and download
Upload parts list directly into and download parts list from the electronic parts catalog's shopping cart.
Save cartsSave carts
Save multiple shopping carts for use as frequent restock lists, or to place eCommerce parts orders later. Even combine saved carts.
Reprice from external business systems live at the time of eCommerce spare parts order placement. Apply dealer and consumer pricing and quantity specific pricing discounts.
Embed cartsEmbed carts
Shopping cart icon can be linked to a part number and embedded in static or external HTML pages, notes , inside PDF files, almost anywhere. Clicking on the embedded cart icon adds the part to the cart.
Share cartsShare carts
Saved carts and pick lists can be shared across an organization for access by any user assigned to that organization within the catalog.
Re-apply rulesRe-apply rules
Rules are automatically re-checked when saved carts are loaded and items are automatically repriced based on the catalogs current pricing dynamics.
Dealer inventoryDealer inventory
Optionally display additional data such as inventory for stocking dealers for a specific part when it is not available in the warehouse.
One-time use codesOne-time use codes
Generate and apply one time use codes for specific items that require purchasing approval in the electronic parts catalog.
Checkout screensCheckout screens
Electronic parts catalog shopping cart checkout screens are tailored to the OEM's specific data collection needs and rules.
Pick listsPick lists
Pick lists can be names, display dealers pricing or standard price columns, can be printed or added to shopping cart.