EzData Tools

Powerful parts
catalog editing

World class editing tools to give you total control of your electronic parts catalog data. The catalog editing software is streamlined and easy to learn. EzData training and support is included with every license. Simply one more way that Systems Online ensures that your electronic parts catalog provides the parts and service information you need, and is always up-to-date.

EzData catalog editing tools
computer screen showing automated data import scripting

Automated import
scripting and data

Automated scripting leverages Systems Online's code base and libraries for performing bulk data and imports and incremental updates using data generated by your existing or streamlined processes. Electronic parts catalog data is automatically kept up-to-date by implementing automated scripts that conform to your needs, streamlined processes and environment.

The EzParts electronic parts and service catalog software suite comes complete with all of the tools and training necessary to publish your parts and service data quickly and effectively. Systems Online is a strong believer in streamlining processes and minimizing total cost of ownership. The preferred method of updating your electronic parts catalog is through automation. Systems Online data specialists review each manufacturers workflow, processes and source data to identify the best automation methods using your existing processes and methods. Almost all of our manufacturers implement significant automation processes that in most cases, eliminate the manpower require for data maintenance and catalog update tasks. Connect to and pull data for your electronic parts catalog directly from you CAD and PIM systems. In case where a manufacturer needs to manually edit or make changes to their parts catalog data, EzData catalog editing software tools provide complete control and ease of use.