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parts catalog
editing tools.

Installed locally or on your network, EzData electronic parts catalog software allows you to easily edit your service and repair knowledge base. EzData editing tool is designed to show exactly what the end user will see. This makes editing easy and removes the guesswork. EzData even allows review and editing of data that has been imported via automated processes

EzData Tools Benefits.

Cut costs.

Eliminate errors.

Save time.

Publish faster.

screenshot of catalog editing software

EzData Tools Features.

(What You See Is What You Get) editor that lets to visually maintain your electronic parts catalog data set using easily accessible menu options.
Drag and drop.Drag and drop.
Use drag and drop to visually re-organize your online parts catalog's navigation and bill of material data within the catalog.
Use wizards to complete common tasks including automatically and manually placing hot-spots on schematics and importing data.
Undo and redoUndo and redo
Editing schematics and bill of material data supports undo and redo history including image and BOM edits keeping the data in your electronic parts catalog error free.
Edit everythingEdit everything
All data stored in the electronic parts catalog an be edited with EzData. This includes schematics, BOM's, navigation, even hidden data values.
Generate parts books.Generate parts books.
The electronic parts catalog's template based print engine generates branded PDF parts books on demand.
Real time and staged updates.Real time and staged updates.
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Auto hot-spot.Auto hot-spot.
Wizards and tools read parts catalog data and automatically generate parts call-outs and hot spot linking to the bill of material.
Visual editing.Visual editing.
Import dataImport data
Copy and pasteCopy and paste
Text recognitionText recognition
Image manipulation.Image manipulation.
Data formats.Data formats.
Object re-usabilityObject re-usability
Workstation or terminal.Workstation or terminal.
Any image source.Any image source.
Vector, 3D and raster illustrations from CAD software: Solid Edge, AutoCAD, AutoDesk, SOLIDWORKS and most others.

The EzParts electronic parts and service catalog software suite comes complete with all of the tools and training necessary to publish your parts and service data quickly and effectively. Systems Online is a strong believer in streamlining processes and minimizing total cost of ownership. The preferred method of updating your electronic parts catalog is through automation. Systems Online data specialists review each manufacturers workflow, processes and source data to identify the best automation methods using your existing processes and methods. Almost all of our manufacturers implement significant automation processes that in most cases, eliminate the manpower require for data maintenance and catalog update tasks. Connect to and pull data for your electronic parts catalog directly from you CAD and PIM systems.