Increase aftermarket parts sales with an online parts catalog.

EzParts Enterprise

Features that drive aftermarket part sales

Parts catalog features make a difference. EzParts electronic parts catalog software solutions make it easy for you to increase your parts sales multiple percentage points year after year. Gain control of your aftermarket and increase your market share with an interactive spare parts portal that works for you.

General features.

Editing toolsEditing tools
Complete parts catalog data editing and maintenance suite with version control and drag and drop interface
The electronic parts catalog software is scalable with support for installing on a single server or multi-system cluster.
Proven technologyProven technology
Built on proven technologies with an assured migration path for the future guaranteeing your parts catalog continues to serve your and your customer's needs.
Automated data imports and maintenance with machine learning to minimize data management costs and make your parts catalog shine.
Convert and import data from existing systems and electronic parts catalogs.
Full integration with our optional native mobile electronic parts catalog applications.
Product support included with all implementations.
Real time and historical usage insights with full analytics integration.
eCommerce centric. Built around a powerful rules based parts eCommerce engine.
Real time open connectivity allows querying and integration with your existing systems.
Single sign-onSingle sign-on
User and group level security on application features and data.
User interface and parts catalog data can be stored accessed in any language.
Data ownershipData ownership
Electronic parts and service catalog data is owned by you. Your user information, electronic parts catalog and site usage data is never shared.
Integrates with dealer stores to allow your dealers to utilize the electronic parts catalog for direct to consumer sales through your dealer network.
Parts catalog offers the ability to fully customize bill of martial columns and site themes.
120 day satisfaction and functionality guarantee.
Communicate with dealers, technicians, customers using feedback forms.
Dealers can upload their personalized pricing, part numbers and notes to provide to their customers.
Product linesProduct lines
Define product lines within the electronic parts catalog to control access to part numbers and parts descriptions as well as models, schematics and resources.
Multiple presentationsMultiple presentations
Electronic parts catalog offers 3 primary methods of navigation. These are image (or Icon) navigation, drill down (textual index) and search.
Smart overlaysSmart overlays
Part number call-out overlays allow the user to navigate to parts detail, add to pick list or to the electronic parts catalog without first clicking on a part number or the drawing.
Multi-Select Multi-Select
User can multi-select parts from the electronic parts catalog's parts break-out drawings and/or the bills of materials listings.
All part, schematic and part number/drawing specific notes allow multiple notes classifications, links to electronic parts catalog content and web links.
Parts imagesParts images
Item details screens display images of parts when available. Camera icon on the bills of material lines provides quick access to part images.
Pin resourcesPin resources
Resources and schematic drawings can be pinned for access to multiple resources and parts detail screens within the electronic parts catalog.
User can create, edit and delete bookmarks to drawings, documents and resources within the electronic parts catalog for easy access.
Browsing historyBrowsing history
The users browsing history for the current electronic parts catalog session is available via drop down menu.
Serial numbersSerial numbers
Serial numbers and ranges can be assigned to models, parts pages or specific entries on a bill of material. Users can filter catalog data by serial number.
Meta data.Meta data.
Supplemental meta-data can be associated with most data items within the catalog. Search results can be returned based on meta-data.
Copy referenceCopy reference
Copy reference or hyperlink to share with the customer or another user to navigate them directly to a resource, parts drawing or specific bill of material line within the parts catalog.
External sitesExternal sites
Embed external sites directly and seamlessly within the electronic parts catalog and dynamically share data with the catalog in real time.
Use the parts eCommerce rules engine and parts attributes to trigger unique actions, data collection, or perform special operations at the time of sale dramatically reducing shipment errors and call backs.

parts catalog
print engine.

EzParts enterprise online parts catalog has a powerful, integrated template based print engine that generates parts books on demand, freeing up your publishing staff's time for work on other tasks. and making your service and repair information available faster, where and when it is needed.

Search features.

Where usedWhere used
Instantly discover everywhere a specific part is used and view all relevant information about a replacement part.
Search for partsSearch for parts
Search by part number or part description. Discover where parts are used and search with complex search directives.
Right click to Right click to "speed search"
Launch part search directly from the bill of material without typing the part number.
Current model search.Current model search.
Limit parts search to the currently selected model to limit the returned parts and support documents returned in search results..
Search for modelsSearch for models
Search for models by serial number, name, model code, part number or any "defined" parts catalog information that identifies the model.
Search by serial / VINSearch by serial / VIN
Search and filter results by serial number or VIN. Display only parts book pages and Bill of material lines that contain relevant replacement parts information.
Search by document typeSearch by document type
Create document classes such as bulletins, warranty guides, manuals, repair guides and allow searching by or restricting searches by document class.
Multi-threaded Multi-threaded
Execute multiple simultaneous searches in the background without interrupting your parts catalog viewing and work session.
Complex searchesComplex searches
Search using 'starts with', 'ends with,' 'contains', 'or,' 'and' and 'not' search directives to narrow search results..

Online part sales
using the built-in
eCommerce engine

EzParts Enterprise is designed and built around
a powerful eCommerce engine with a flexible
business rules module making it easier to sell
more spare parts online.

Security features.

Complete control

Electronic parts catalog uses nested, inherited user and group level security for parts catalog features and access to parts data.

Single sign-on.

LDAP, OAUTH, Active Directory and custom security provider integration to control access to the electronic parts catalog is supported.


The electronic parts catalog was designed to keep parts data secure. The entire electronic parts catalog is served using HTTPS.

Mixed mode security

The online electronic parts catalog can use internal security and integrate with multiple SSO providers simultaneously in mixed mode,

Restrict content.

All electronic parts catalog data is made accessible based on user, group, classification or role. These can be defined internally or obtained from SSO provider.

Restrict functionality.

User and group permissions and roles determine the electronic parts catalog features that available to the end user.

Allow guests.

Grant optional general public access to the electronic parts catalog by enabling guest access and configuring guest user permissions.

Web services.

Web services are server side, not client. This ensures that web services to external data stores or business systems are not exposed to 3rd parties.

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