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Data Import Automation

The preferred method of updating your electronic parts catalog is through automation. Systems Online data specialists review each manufacturers workflow, processes and source data to identify the best automation methods using your existing processes and methods. Almost all of our manufacturers implement significant automation processes that in most cases, eliminate the manpower required for data maintenance and catalog update tasks. Connect to and pull data for your electronic parts catalog directly from your CAD and PIM systems.

Updates Automation.

Hands free updating.

Automation scripting reviews your source files and imports all changed data.

Leverage your processes.

Automation scripts can conform to your standards leveraging your experience.conform to

Gain from our experience.

Automation scripts can bring new capabilities to your processes based on Systems Online's extensive electronic parts catalog experience.

Publish faster.

Automated processes remove the human element allowing systems to perform the publishing process without the need to wait for available manpower.

Reduce errors.

Automated rules based processing performs tasks the same way every time. Human errors quickly become a "thing of the past."

Always up-to-date.

Automated catalog publishing works even when technical publication staff is not available resulting in up to date service parts data.

Reduce work effort.

Utilizing servers to perform repetitive tasking requires no manpower and eliminates work effort required to keep your parts catalog up to date.

Significant savings.

We implement utilizing your formats and processes. EzParts is the only solution with almost no restrictions on the source and format of data that the can be imported allowing you to obtain a high ROI and cost savings.

CAD drawing for use in electronic parts catalog