Access the parts catalog from any mobile device or standard browser.

screenshots of mobile online electronic parts catalog software

Mobile online
parts catalog
from any device.

Mobile devices are becoming the standard for accessing website and the internet. This includes electronic parts catalogs. The EzParts applications support browsing electronic parts catalog data from any device. This includes mobile phones and tablets.The parts catalogs's mobile presentation is designed to provide a productive end user experience even on small screens. EzParts Enterprise and SaaS support expected user interface functions such thumbnails, pinch and zoom and even swiping.

Mobile browsing features

Swipe for moreSwipe for more
Swiping on parts exposes additional parts information including attributes and parts images.
Pinch and zoomPinch and zoom
Pinch and zoom on images for smart resize of parts catalog drawings and schematics.
Thumbnails and iconsThumbnails and icons
Resources, images and schematic drawings are automatically displayed using thumbnails for friendly mobile parts catalog browsing.
Landscape and portraitLandscape and portrait
Landscape and portrait responsive presentations of electronic parts catalog data.