Standard available parts catalog customizations.

EzParts® Enterprise

Online parts
catalog designed
for customizing

EzParts Enterprise electronic parts catalog software has been designed to allow extensive branding and functionality modifications. This allows you to adapt the catalog functionality to your business needs, significantly increasing the return on investment.

Parts catalog customization.

Print templatesPrint templates
Design and apply custom parts book print and publishing templates that reflect your standards and branding.
Search resultsSearch results
Customize search queries, fields and results to guarantee your users find the service and repair information they need.
Apply logos, images, colors, styles to the online parts and service catalog to represent your brand.
Business rulesBusiness rules
Allow business rules to streamline logic flow and processing for different parts, order types or channels.
Parts attributesParts attributes
Define, populate and utilize service part's attribute data for end user display and triggering events.
Object dataObject data
Define and populate supplemental data on objects like schematics, models, documents for end user display, filtering or triggering actions.ices Apply
Custom tabsCustom tabs
Extend the online parts catalog functionality by defining custom tabs and integrating with other web sites or applications.
Shopping and checkoutShopping and checkout
Full control your shopping and checkout presentation and business rules guaranteeing correct data and order flow.
Data transformationsData transformations
Collect, store and transform data in the electronic parts catalog.
Document classificationsDocument classifications
Create different document classifications for documents, control access and search results.
BOM StructuresBOM Structures
Customize the parts catalog bill of material views to reflect data important to your customers and service technicians.
Textual UI dataTextual UI data
The ability to modify all parts catalog interface text in all languages allows provides the ability to customize the user experience.
User interactionUser interaction
Require user interactions based on data and events to assist user in making the correct parts identification, and collecting data to aid in the buying process and order flow.