Electronic Parts Catalog Integrated Help and Promos

Context Sensitive Interactive Help

EzParts electronic parts catalogs are easy for end users to learn and use. The Electronic parts catalogs are designed to be intuitive. In many cases the concepts of searching and browsing are intuitive for the user. In the case where a user is not interacting with the electronic parts catalog, EzParts detects the delay in user actions an presents context sensitive help in the form of parts catalog overlays. these overlays suggest options to the user. Parts catalog help overlays are fully customizable using the online Administration interface and can be tailored for specific users or user groups..

electronic parts catalog shopping cart Sample Help Overlay


EzParts electronic parts catalog software displays rich text and HTML user specific promos that can be pre-scheduled and stacked with start / end date and time. The promo functionality makes communicating with your users and dealers easy and straight forward. For holiday hours, when introducing new products, bringing attention to upcoming trade shows, raising awareness of corporate events. Any message you want to impart on your customers and dealers can be delivered using the electronic parts catalog's built in promo functionality.

electronic parts catalog shopping cart Sample Promo Message.