EzParts Mobile Electronic Parts Catalog applications allow mobile users to access parts and schematic information where they need it most, in the field. The application works with or without an active data connection. Dealers, technicians, and end consumers can all access schematics, parts and electronic service information on their mobile device using the EzParts native mobile application. The OEM determines how they want to authenticate and how many days before the user is required to authenticate again. The parts catalog application is fully functional offline or while the device is in airplane mode. Users can synchronize the electronic parts catalog data over any cellular or WiFi connection, when they are in range.

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Control Access

EzParts Native Mobile Electronic Parts Catalog Applications allow you to authenticate against multiple external systems including SAML, OAUTH and others. Customers and technicians only access data you want them to. Require re-authentication according to your rules.

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Store Data on the Device

Native mobile applications allow users to select and store specific models on any device. Users can access the electronic parts catalog information even when they are outside of cell tower range and do not have a cellular data connection. This allows parts and equipment data to be utilized for repairs in the field.

Integrate With Other Apps

Integrate with and share data with other mobile applications. Increase the productivity of technicians and sales personnel by allowing parts to be added directly to Work Orders and Sales orders on their mobile device. Increase work force productivity while on the go. Works on Android and iOS devices.